Yuyu Luo (骆昱宇)


Assistant Professor
Data Science and Analytics Thrust
Information Hub
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou)

Email: yuyuluo[at]hkust-gz.edu.cn
Office: E2-615, HKUST(GZ)

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Brief Biography

I am an Assistant Professor at the Data Science and Analytics Thrust, Information Hub, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou). I also hold an affiliated position at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the Clear Water Bay campus at Hong Kong. I received my Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from Tsinghua University in 2023, under the supervision of Prof. Guoliang Li.

My research mission is to democratize data analytics by simplifying and automating the data analytics pipeline. I achieve this by developing systems and tools that leverage visualization, data management, and artificial intelligence techniques. My primary focus is on assisting users, especially novices, to comprehend and utilize massive datasets with ease and efficiency.

My current research interests include AI for Data Analytics () and Data Management for Data Science ().

I am actively seeking self-motivated PhD students (Spring/Fall 2025). If you are interested in working with me, please send an email with your CV and transcripts for all degrees.


  1. Are Large Language Models Good Statisticians?
    Yizhang Zhu, Shiyin Du, Boyan Li, Yuyu Luo*, Nan Tang

Selected Publications

    Year 2024
  1. The Dawn of Natural Language to SQL: Are We Fully Ready?
    Boyan Li, Yuyu Luo*, Chengliang Chai, Guoliang Li, Nan Tang
    VLDB 2024.
  2. HAIChart: Human and AI Paired Visualization System
    Yupeng Xie, Yuyu Luo*, Guoliang Li, Nan Tang
    VLDB 2024.
  3. VerifAI: Verified Generative AI
    Nan Tang, Chenyu Yang, Ju Fan, Lei Cao, Yuyu Luo, Alon Halevy
    CIDR 2024.
  4. Fast, Robust and Interpretable Participant Contribution Estimation for Federated Learning
    Yong Wang, Yuyu Luo, Kaiyu Li, Guoliang Li, Yunyan Guo, Zhuo Wang
    ICDE 2024.
  5. Mitigating Data Scarcity in Supervised Machine Learning through Reinforcement Learning Guided Data Generation
    Chengliang Chai, Kaisen Jin, Nan Tang, Ju Fan, Lianpeng Qiao, Yu-Ping Wang, Yuyu Luo, Ye Yuan, Guoren Wang
    ICDE 2024.
  6. CoInsight: Visual Storytelling for Hierarchical Tables with Connected Insights
    Guozheng Li, Runfei Li, Yunshan Feng, Yu Zhang, Yuyu Luo*, Chi Harold Liu
    TVCG 2024.

  7. Year 2023
  8. Learned Data-aware Image Representations of Line Charts for Similarity Search
    Yuyu Luo, Yihui Zhou, Nan Tang, Guoliang Li, Chengliang Chai, Leixian Shen
    SIGMOD 2023. [Slides]
  9. GoodCore: Coreset Selection over Incomplete Data for Data-effective and Data-efficient Machine Learning
    Chengliang Chai, Jiabin Liu, Nan Tang, Ju Fan, Dongjing Miao, Jiayi Wang, Yuyu Luo, Guoliang Li
    SIGMOD 2023. (Best of SIGMOD 2023 Papers) [Slides]
  10. Demystifying Artificial Intelligence for Data Preparation
    Chengliang Chai, Nan Tang, Ju Fan, Yuyu Luo
    SIGMOD 2023. [Tutorial Slides: Part1, Part2, Part3]

  11. Year 2022
  12. Steerable Self-driving Data Visualization.
    Yuyu Luo, Xuedi Qin, Chengliang Chai, Nan Tang, Guoliang Li, Wenbo Li.
    IEEE TKDE 2022.
  13. Sevi: Speech-to-Visualization through Neural Machine Translation
    Jiawei Tang, Yuyu Luo*, Mourad Ouzzani, Guoliang Li, Hongyang Chen.
    ACM SIGMOD 2022 (Demo Track).
  14. Data Management for Machine Learning: A Survey
    Chengliang Chai, Jiayi Wang, Yuyu Luo*, Zeping Niu, Guoliang Li.
    IEEE TKDE 2022.
  15. Towards Natural Language Interfaces for Data Visualization: A Survey
    Leixian Shen, Enya Shen, Yuyu Luo, Xiaocong Yang, Xuming Hu, Xiongshuai Zhang, Zhiwei Tai, Jianmin Wang.
    IEEE TVCG 2022.
  16. Selective Data Acquisition in the Wild for Model Charging
    Chengliang Chai, Jiabin Liu, Nan Tang, Guoliang Li, Yuyu Luo.
    VLDB 2022.
  17. Feature Augmentation with Reinforcement Learning
    Jiabin Liu, Chengliang Chai, Yuyu Luo, Yin Lou, Jianhua Feng, Nan Tang.
    ICDE 2022.
  18. RW-Tree: A Learned Workload-aware Framework for R-tree Construction
    Haowen Dong, Chengliang Chai, Yuyu Luo, Jiabin Liu, Jianhua Feng, Chaoqun Zhan.
    ICDE 2022.
  19. Interactively Discovering and Ranking Desired Tuples by Data Exploration
    Xuedi Qin, Chengliang Chai, Yuyu Luo, Tianyu Zhao, Nan Tang, Guoliang Li, Jianhua Feng, Xiang Yu, Mourad Ouzzani.
    The VLDB Journal 2022.
  20. GALVIS: Visualization Construction through Example-Powered Declarative Programming.
    Leixian Shen, Enya Shen, Zhiwei Tai, Yun Wang, Yuyu Luo, Jianmin Wang.
    CIKM 2022 (Best Demo Paper Honorable Mention).

  21. Year 2021
  22. Synthesizing Natural Language to Visualization (NL2VIS) Benchmarks from NL2SQL Benchmarks
    Yuyu Luo, Nan Tang, Guoliang Li, Chengliang Chai, Wenbo Li, Xuedi Qin
    ACM SIGMOD 2021 [Project Page]

  23. Natural Language to Visualization by Neural Machine Translation
    Yuyu Luo, Nan Tang, Guoliang Li, Jiawei Tang, Chengliang Chai, Xuedi Qin
    IEEE VIS 2021 [Code] [Poster]

  24. nvBench: A Large-Scale Synthesized Dataset for Cross-Domain Natural Language to Visualization Task
    Yuyu Luo, Jiawei Tang, Guoliang Li
    Workshop on NL VIZ 2021 at IEEE VIS 2021

  25. Year 2020
  26. DeepTrack: Monitoring and Exploring Spatio-Temporal Data
    – A Case of Tracking COVID-19 –

    Yuyu Luo, Wenbo Li, Guoliang Li, Nan Tang
    VLDB 2020.
  27. VisClean: Interactive Cleaning for Progressive Visualization.
    Yuyu Luo, Chengliang Chai, Xuedi Qin, Nan Tang, Guoliang Li.
    VLDB 2020. [Video Demonstration]
  28. Interactive Cleaning for Progressive Visualization through Composite Questions.
    Yuyu Luo, Chengliang Chai, Xuedi Qin, Nan Tang, Guoliang Li.
    IEEE ICDE 2020. [Video]
  29. Human-in-the-loop Outlier Detection
    Chengliang Chai, Lei Cao, Guoliang Li, Jian Li, Yuyu Luo, Samuel Madden.
    ACM SIGMOD 2020.
  30. Interactively Discovering and Ranking Desired Tuples without Writing SQL Queries.
    Xuedi Qin, Chengliang Chai, Yuyu Luo, Nan Tang, Guoliang Li.
    ACM SIGMOD 2020. [Video Demonstration]
  31. DEEPEYE: A Data Science System for Monitoring and Exploring COVID-19 Data.
    Yuyu Luo, Nan Tang, Guoliang Li, Tianyu Zhao, Wenbo Li, Xiang Yu.
    IEEE Data Engineering Bulletin, 2020. (invited)
  32. CrowdChart: Crowdsourced-based Data Extraction from Visualization Chart.
    Chengliang Chai, Guoliang Li, Ju Fan, Yuyu Luo.
    IEEE TKDE 2020.

  33. Year 2019
  34. Making Data Visualization More Efficient and Effective: A Survey.
    Xuedi Qin, Yuyu Luo, Nan Tang, Guoliang Li.
    The VLDB Journal.
  35. MathGraph: A Knowledge Graph for Automatically Solving Mathematical Exercises.
    Tianyu Zhao, Yan Huang, Songfan Yang, Yuyu Luo, et al.
    DASFAA 2019. (Best Paper Award)

  36. Year 2018
  37. DeepEye: Towards Automatic Data Visualization.
    ICDE 2018 Highly Cited Papers Top-2
    Yuyu Luo, Xuedi Qin, Nan Tang, Guoliang Li.
    IEEE ICDE 2018. [DeepEye-APIs (Python3.6)]
  38. DeepEye: Creating Good Data Visualizations by Keyword Search (Demo).
    Yuyu Luo, Xuedi Qin, Nan Tang, Guoliang Li, Xinran Wang.
    ACM SIGMOD 2018. [Online Demo]

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